Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable

We have been spending so much time in the woods surrounding our house lately and it feels liberating after a very long stretch of ‘keep you by the fireplace cold’ we had earlier this winter here in New England. Most of our time is spent climbing old root systems, jumping from stumps and rocks, sliding down hills on our bums and happily frolicking –all fantastic uses of our time! ¬†However, since we are also working on focusing attention and being mindful of our surroundings, I whipped up this winter scavenger hunt list to bring along on our next long excursion. It can easily be printed and folded to put in a pocket with a pencil or laminated for multiple outings! It can be found as a link below for easy printing. Enjoy!Winter Scavenger Hunt

Click the link for your Winter Scavenger Hunt


Helping Hands Printables

In our household, especially around birthdays, we find Petunia looking for new ways to feel helpful around the house. She absolutely loves checklists, which also happen to remove the need for constant parental guidance and encourage more independence. I thought I’d add a twist and ended up making this cute little Helping Hands list where she fills in the smiley face once the task is completed. Honestly, sometimes I just look for excuses to use my laminator, aka the homeschool parent’s best friend. I thought I would offer the lists here in case anyone is interested in using them. There is a homesteader version and a more generic version available (all geared for ages 5, 6 and 7). In our home, when assigned a new task, we make sure to do it step by step the first time with Petunia so she fully understands our expectation and has fewer questions in the future. I won’t pretend that the haridos aren’t horrible and 80’s and 90’s styling is apparently the best I can do with a kids set of watercolors and Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer playing on repeat in my head. Who doesn’t love a good mullet? Enjoy!

Spring & Summer Helping Hands

Here are the PDF files for easy printing and laminating!

Spring and Summer Homesteader Helping Hands

Helping Hands